Diesel Engine

The reliable generator set is utilized as a primary power supply to ensure the work efficiency in many industrial applications such as mining, petroleum extraction, natural gas extraction and so on. Any potential failure threats may face the stagnation in the production of the whole system, and each minute downtime is costly. In that case, Shangyan Power can not only provide the diesel engine with ample power reservations with customers in various industries, we also pay more attention to improving the durability of the products and reducing the daily cost.

SMG series diesel engine is modified on the basis of the original 135 series diesel engine, for the power generation with the new diesel engine has the appearance beautiful, power strong, reliable operation, energy saving, environmental protection, etc. Using high turbocharged and inter-cooled technology, with special high pressure oil pump and porous low inertia injector and electronic governor.it became a good atomization and lowest fuel consumption diesel engine.

The marine diesel engine can be connected with propellers to provide direct power for the whole vessel, which includes the control of the speed and movement of the vessel and the torque during a dragnet operation. Shangyan Power provides six-cylinder, twelve-cylinder super marine diesel engines, with the maximum 440 HP adequate power to ensure the reliable power support.

By customizing different joints, drilling equipment diesel engines can support power for different types of drilling equipment, which can be applied to many fields such as oil drilling, coal explorations, geological prospecting, explorations of nonferrous metal, geothermal explorations and other activities.

The diesel engine can be combined with firefighting equipment, to supply power for firefighting high-pressure water pumps. We adopt an open-cycle system to replace the water tanks used by traditional diesel engines, which can directly use the firefighting water as the cooling water.

Shangyan Power, is a recognized diesel engine manufacturer and supplier since 1993, offering water cooled diesel engine for making diesel generating sets. Our company design and manufacture different types of industrial and marine diesel engines as well as provide Standy Power and backup power solutions in specific demands. With engineering team and complete manufacturing equipment for making diesel engines, we make effort to provide quality industrial internal combustion engine and diesel power solutions for customers.