A diesel engine consists of more than 1000 spare parts, which is in the high temperature, high pressure and high speed working condition for a long time, thus any quality problem of any part will result in the breakdown of diesel engine and reduce the reliability. The spare parts of diesel engines and generators of Shangyan Power are all selected from the A share listed groups, and we have established a perfect supply chain system to stabilize the quality of the products.

For our customers, we make unified provision of original spare parts, pack and dispatch in 24 hours.

Diesel engine block
The model is S00010525+08. The diesel engine block is subjected to various loads of the engine, which consists of three parts, cylinder cover, cylinder body and spherical crankshaft, and has the advantage of light weight, high stiffness, and compact structure.

The model is G05-101-09. The piston is to bear the combustion pressure in the cylinder. In addition, it forms a combustion chamber with the cylinder cover and cylinder wall.

Piston ring
The model is G05-002-03/G05-108-03/S00009738. Adopting the chromium-based ceramic composite plating technique, the piston ring is excellent in performance.

Connecting rod
The model is S00010687+02. The connecting rod is used to connect the piston and the crankshaft, with light weight and small rotary inertia, which can effectively reduce mechanical load.

The model is S00009392. Made of high strength QT800 material, the crankshaft has high strength, good balance and small moment of inertia, so as to adapt to complex harsh environment.

Cylinder cover
The model is G04-003-04. The function is to seal the cylinder and compose the combustor. With integral structure design, the sealing performance is excellent.

Fresh water pump
The model is S00010129.The fresh water pump is to cool the engine to prevent it from breakdown due to excessive temperature. With large flow gear pump design, the efficiency of circulating cooling is high.

Diesel filter
The model is S00011229+02. The function is to filter the harmful impurities and moisture in the fuel system, to protect the normal work of the engine, reduce the wear, avoid the blockage and improve the life of the engine.

High pressure oil pipe
The model is S00011782+04, which can withstand the oil pressure needed during the operation of the engine.

High pressure oil pump
The model is 8400360918+01.

Fuel injector
The model is S00011906+01, used for the test and adjustment of the fuel injection pump of diesel engine.

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