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SMG series diesel engine is modified on the basis of the original 135 series diesel engine, for the power generation with the new diesel engine has the appearance beautiful, power strong, reliable operation, energy saving, environmental protection, etc. Using high turbocharged and inter-cooled technology, with special high pressure oil pump and porous low inertia injector and electronic governor.it became a good atomization and lowest fuel consumption diesel engine.

Optional Types:

As for SMG diesel engine, the 6-cylinder and 12-cylinder are available, coving the power of 185-886KW. Assembled with synchronous brushless motor, this generator set can be used in commercial power appliances like real estate, hotel, bank, etc., or industrial power appliances like mining, oil field, building construction, field exploration, etc.

Increase the air intake to raise power
Using the newest SYZ series diesel engine from Shangyan Power as an example, it adopts the design of four-valve engine, which greatly increase the air intake compared with the 2-valve traditional diesel engine, so that the equipment is easier to start, and it makes the diesel oil combust more sufficiently in the engine, which can increase power and reduce emissions at the same time.
The two intake ports feature a minimal swirl ratio, which can reduce the loss of the intake swirl in the inlet to increase the flow and further increase the power.
The maximum cylinder pressure can reach 18 Mpa.

Lower fuel consumption
*Increase the independent cavity inside the diesel engine as the oil-gas balance chamber to make the pumping of each piston reach balance, so that it can reduce the pumping loss and the fuel consumption.
*The water channel of the cooling system is designed as a tangential inlet which increases the water pressure and the flow velocity of the cooling water, at the same time increases the cooling area of the whole water channel. The efficient cooling method makes the diesel engine have better burning efficiency in the same power, which reduces the energy consumption of the cooling fan, and helps reduce oil consumption.

*We choose material of high hardness to produce the industrial diesel engine, which can reduce the weight of the machine under the precondition of the required strength and enhance the power. Specifically, the cylinder head material is made of compacted graphite cast iron, which is 20%-30% lighter than common cast iron. The engine body adopts HT300, and the connecting rod and crankshaft adopt 42CrMoA.
*We combine the parts with similar functions by means of rational structure design, which can reduce unnecessary material and pipeline connection. The whole machine requires a high degree of integration which not only reduces the production cost but is also easy to maintain.

Technological improvement and potential
The electronic unit pump and mechanical pump are interchangeable, which can further increase power and satisfy the emission requirements of Euro emission 2.

Shangyan Power, is a leading diesel engine manufacturer and supplier since 1993, offering industrial diesel engine for making diesel generating sets. Our company design and manufacture different types of diesel engines as well as provide Standy Power and backup power solutions in specific demands. With engineering team and complete manufacturing equipment for making diesel engines, we make effort to provide quality industrial internal combustion engine and diesel power solutions for customers.

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