• Design and Development Capability
  • Shangyan Power specializes in the design and development of power equipment, and the institute has 20 members of the research team. The diesel engines and generators provided by SHYAN are independently developed by our engineers, who actively participate in professional trade fairs at home and abroad to understand the demands of engine market, diligently visit customers to gather information, so as to design the diesel engines and the generators that can meet the needs of different customers.

  • Diesel Engine Manufacturing Capability
  • Our diesel engine production plant is located in Shanghai, covering an area of 13000 square meters and a plant area of 10,000 square meters. Our company has strong equipment assembly capability. We can provide various types of diesel engines for customers' different application scenarios, including industrial stationary diesel engines, marine diesel engines, drilling equipment diesel engines, fire protection diesel engines and etc.

  • Alternator and Generator Manufacturing Capability
  • The production factory of our alternators and generators is located in Shanghai, covering an area of 5000 square meters. The generator brand is Gloria. Our company has strong capability of alternator and generator manufacturing and assembly. We use advanced numerical control equipment for vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) insulation during the motor production process.

  • Quality Control
  • Our company set up the quality control departments of diesel engines and of generators respectively, in order to strictly monitor the parts provided by our suppliers. Every quarter, our technicians and purchasing department will monitor and assess the factories and production processes of the suppliers, and visit them regularly. In addition, we will review the certification of new suppliers.

  • Manufacturing Cost Control
  • As a first class manufacturer of marine and power station diesel engines and generators, we have been producing power equipment since 1993. From raw materials selection, mass production, production control and other aspects to control the manufacturing cost effectively, we can create diesel engine purchasing feasibility for customers.

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