4-Pole Alternator

We provide the GR series 4-pole brushless alternators, with power ranging between 8.4KVA-3125KVA, which is ideal for supplying power to medium- to large-scale power stations. The alternator works easily with a diesel engine to support high-power industrial appliance applications, such as those in an oil field, mining, railway and more.

To improve the reliability of the GR series alternator, we utilize a CNC vacuum pressure integrated with varnish equipment (VPI) to ensure the insulation level reaches 500MΩ-∞. Before delivery, we will perform strict load tests on each alternator, ensuring they are adaptable to a variety of conditions.

Shangyan Power, is a recognized brushless alternator manufacturer and supplier since 1993, offering alternator and diesel engine for making diesel generating sets. Our company design and manufacture different types of AC electric generator as well as provide Standy Power and backup power solutions in specific demands. With engineering team and complete manufacturing equipment for making brushless brushless alternator and diesel engines, we provide quality diesel power solutions for customers.

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