Fire Protection Diesel Engine

Fire protection diesel engine has a power range of 81-970KW, widely used in areas of firefighting, high pressure cleaning, agricultural irrigation, etc.

The diesel engine can be combined with firefighting equipment, to supply power for firefighting high-pressure water pumps. We adopt an open-cycle system to replace the water tanks used by traditional diesel engines, which can directly use the firefighting water as the cooling water.

Optional types:
Here, we list a part of the fire protection diesel engine types produced by Shangyan Power, you can select directly. If you didn’t find the type you want, you can only provide the water pump joint drawing and the specific requirement, we can customize it according to your needs


This drilling diesel engine can satisfy the need of 6-cylinder engine can 12-cylinder engine from clients. And as for the purchasing need of 12-cylinder engine, we will optimize the structure design to enhance dynamic strength.

1. Adopting multilayer metal gasket, the oil and vapor are sealed by rubber ring, which effectively increase the reliability.

2. The symmetrical design of double-pump can reduce the size of the water tank.

3. The piston carbon deposit groove is removed, and the cylinder clearance of the head is adjusted to improve the liner wear condition.

4. The exhaust pipe is changed to two-stage assembly to reduce the air leakage.

5. Low pressure pipeline adopts Nylon material. And LUG is added on the engine body to fix the direction.

6. The oil pump has features of large flow, high pressure and good lubrication so that the cooling effect of the engine is enhanced.

Export situation:
Currently, the products are mainly exported to Peru, Turkey, Indonesia, Burma and Thailand.
SHYAN began to export in 2005.
The export of single product is 60set annually.

Provided support
1. We have technician to offer onsite training.
2. File supplies are available like product manual, parts manual, product design drawings, and product parameter, etc.
3. Guarantee period is 1year or 1000 hours since the production date.
4. We also offer after-sales support for troubles in use.
5. Annually we provide free parts supports according to 2% of the purchase amount.
6. As for the dealers, we will assist them to provide market promotion.

Shangyan Power, is a reliable diesel engine manufacturer and supplier since 1993, offering water cooled diesel engine for making diesel generating sets. Our company design and manufacture different types of fire protection system diesel engines as well as provide Standy Power and backup power solutions in specific demands. With engineering team and complete manufacturing equipment for making diesel engines, we make effort to provide quality internal combustion engine and diesel power solutions for customers.

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