As a first class manufacturer of marine and power station diesel engines and generators, we have been producing power equipment since 1993. From raw materials selection, mass production, production control and other aspects to control the manufacturing cost effectively, we can create diesel engine purchasing feasibility for customers.

Raw materials selection
A diesel engine consists of thousands of components. With more than 20 years of production experience in the diesel engine field, we have accumulated a large number of reliable suppliers and maintained long-term cooperation. In addition, we are always concerned about the price changes in the raw materials market. Every year, we have strict supplier assessment standards, make reasonable procurement plan according to the customer's intended purchasing requisition, effectively control the manufacturing cost, and rebate to customers, thus realizing a virtuous cycle.

Logistics cost control
The quarterly screening of logistics service providers, together with the detailed comparison work between service fees and logistics quality, can reduce logistics costs as much as possible when providing the same services.

Management cost control
The management cost is compressed, of which the share in manufacturing cost is reduced as much as possible. We endeavor to improve the production process to eliminate the inferior products. By reducing the waste of management costs, the cost control of various links and processes is achieved to maximize the profits rebated to customers.

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