Supplier quality management system
Our company set up the quality control departments of diesel engines and of generators respectively, in order to strictly monitor the parts provided by our suppliers. Every quarter, our technicians and purchasing department will monitor and assess the factories and production processes of the suppliers, and visit them regularly. In addition, we will review the certification of new suppliers.

The after-sales service ability of the suppliers is also an important link we would not ignore. A supplier with guaranteed after-sales service is our first choice.

The purchasing department has a detailed record of the suppliers, the supply cycle and whether the plan is completed. The feedback will be given to the suppliers at the end of the year.

Production process management system
Our quality management department controls and is responsible for the quality of delivery products, with responsibility taken by a specific person.

In addition to the quality control of raw materials, the post responsibility system is implemented in the production process. Every flow line and production processing link have a group leader to take the responsibility first, and confirm and sign one by one according to the regulated links.

Each unit will carry out a load test of up to 40 minutes before shipment, and it can be delivered only after passing the final inspection of the quality control department.

Test before leaving the factory
All the diesel engines, alternators and generator sets produced by us will carry out the performance test before leaving the factory and the test report will be issued to customers.

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