The production factory of our alternators and generators is located in Shanghai, covering an area of 5000 square meters. The generator brand is Gloria. Our company has strong capability of alternator and generator manufacturing and assembly. We use advanced numerical control equipment for vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI) insulation during the motor production process. In addition, we also have a dynamic balance test machine, press fitting machine, flip machine, suspension crane and other large supporting equipment.

Factory capacity: 600 sets per month
Workers: 50
Technical engineers: 8

Raw material

Copper material:
All copper wire materials use America Superior Essex.

Insulation materials:
All of the insulation materials select the highest performance products from German ELANTAS, including epoxy resin E300 resin adhesive, EIP5070 epoxy resin, VA42 solvent alkyd resin paint etc.

Production process of generators

1. Semi-finished products processing
Machining: including rotor machining and shaft machining.
Iron core manufacturing: consisting of the punching sheet manufacturing and lamination of the pole core
Winding manufacturing: including coil manufacturing, winding embedding and insulation treatment and insulation and pressure resistance test
Main engine rotor assembly: consisting of the laminating and die-casting of the rotor core
Main engine stator assembly
Exciter stator assembly

2. vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI)

3. Baking paint, cleaning

4. Spray anti-corrosion paint

5. Interference fit

  • Coating insulating adhesive
  • Vacuum pressure impregnation (VPI)
  • Final assembly

We have independently designed a large feedback motor load test center to fully record the operation indexes of the generators. In order to strictly control the coil temperature rise and other key data, each generator is loaded with load test, thus ensuring that the products are 100% qualified under the most stringent requirements before leaving the factory.

  • Dynamic balance test
  • Test before leaving the factory
  • Test before leaving the factory

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