Our diesel engine production plant is located in Shanghai, covering an area of 13000 square meters and a plant area of 10,000 square meters. Our company has strong equipment assembly capability. We can provide various types of diesel engines for customers' different application scenarios, including industrial stationary diesel engines, marine diesel engines, drilling equipment diesel engines, fire protection diesel engines and etc. In addition, generator supporting products can be provided to make into generator sets. At present, we have developed more than 500 kinds of total products.

Factory capacity: 500-600 per month
Workers: 70
Technical engineers: 10

Technological process
1. Process flow of engine components assembly

Cylinder cover: pressurized valve oil seal→ install intake valve→ install valve collet→ installation of rocker arm assembly→ installation of intake manifold and exhaust manifold→ send for final assembly

Cylinder block: hit out engine number→ dismantle connecting rod cover→ install crankshaft→ tighten main bearing cap bolt→ send for final assembly.

2. Process flow of engine final assembly
  • Process flow of engine final assembly
  • Spray paint

Body on the line → flip → gelatinize, install the rear cover→ install piston rod → flip → tighten connecting-rod bolts → install oil pump, water pump → install flywheel → install clutch assembly → measure crankshaft driving moment → install oil sump → install cylinder cover → install oil filter, generator → install camshaft → install gearbox → install starting dynamo → assembly leak test → send for test.

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Inspection before leaving the factory

Before leaving the factory, the power, speed, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel consumption rate and effluent temperature and other indicators of our diesel engines will be tested, and the correspond test report will be given to the customer. In addition, each diesel engine will be tested continuously for 40 minutes under 110% overloaded power.

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