Residential standby diesel generator sets
Item time:2018
Client country:Turkey
Purchased products:WL series diesel engines, SYG series diesel engines, GR series brushless alternators
Customers have purchased our diesel engines and alternators, which are assembled and used as residential standby generator sets. The following video is the working status on site. On the video, you can clearly see data on the monitoring panels remains virtually unchanged, demonstrating that the working status and performance of our generator sets is extremely stable.
Standby diesel generator sets used for military enterprises
Item time:2017
Client country:Poland
Purchased products:SYG258 series diesel engines, GR series brushless alternators
Customers purchased our SYG series diesel engines, which are equipped with GR series alternators as standby power. There are two 12-cylinder diesel engine generator sets with the individual power of 500 KW, and use a parallel connection to provide a strong horsepower with a better stability. Compared to directly purchasing a 1000kw large-scale generator set, this significantly reduces costs.
  • Customers are assembling by themselves
  • Assembling finished
Main marine diesel engine generator sets
Item time:2015
Client country:Vietnam
Marine auxiliary diesel engine generator sets
Item time:2013
Client country:Thailand
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